Beta - User Guide: Tango Card RaaS API-v2

This page helps you get started with our RaaS API.

Get Started

Welcome to Tango Card, Inc! At Tango Card, we provide Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) API for our users. RaaS API is a robust digital gift card API built to power rewards and incentives in your apps and platforms. With Raas API, you can easily integrate a reward catalog and automate reward delivery. The most used Raas API methods include posting accounts and funds, getting a verbose catalog, and posting orders.

To get started, you need to:

RESTful Practices

We strive to follow standard conventions whenever possible, but in a few select cases we have chosen to deviate from standard practice in order to provide better customer value. For example, our Create Customer and Create Account calls return the created fields rather than just a 200 code. Per Standard RESTful practice, we are supposed to return only a 200 code. We choose to return the created information along with additional parameters, such as Created at Time and Current Balance. The balance is always $0 at the time of account creation.

We value your feedback. Please send your suggestions to our Customer Success Manager or email [email protected].


Please take note of our versioning when building your implementation. We are committed to regularly improving our Raas API by adding additional functionality to the current version to better serve our users.



To sign up for system alerts, such as upcoming maintenance, item outages, etc., or view current system status, visit our status at Tango Card Status.


JSON is the only currently-supported content type for inputs or outputs. It is not required that the requests contain an Accept header, but if they do it must contain application/json or /.

All dates must be represented in a format that is compatible with ISO 8601, for example: 2013-02-21T20:37:07-07:00.

Fields in the RaaS API response objects may be added at any time. This means that whatever is used to decode the JSON responses into native data types needs to be able to handle unknown fields without failing.



  • Check our Test Console and get right to the code.
  • The old test console can still be used, but does not have any new endpoints released after November 2022.
  • To receive your own credentials or to ask questions, reach out to our Customer Success Manager or email [email protected].



Tango Card provides HTML-formatted brand and reward information in our responses with the goal of minimizing the integration design time. Please note that security concerns forces us to avoid HTML input in POST operations.

POST Calls and 403 Errors

We do not allow browsers to POST calls. Instead, we recommend using non-browser tools for POST calls.


All API calls specify the version in the endpoint URL.

The following changes are considered backward-compatible and may be introduced without producing a new API version:

  • Adding new API methods.
  • Adding new optional request parameters to the existing API methods.
  • Adding new properties to the existing API responses.
  • Changing the order of properties in the existing API responses.

RaaS v1 Orders

If you have been sending rewards with Tango Card in or before 2016, you were using our RaaS v1 API. After migrating to the RaaS v2 API, you can still access and resend those v1 orders. Contact you Customer Support Manager or email us at [email protected] for further instructions.

What’s Next