Quick start guide (Tango API-v2)


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You can check our new Sandbox Test Console and get right to the code!

The old Test Console can still be used but does not include the latest endpoints released after September 2022.

Welcome to Tango, Inc! At Tango, we provide an API for our customers who want to provide powerful rewards and incentives, using digital gift cards, in your apps and platforms. With the Tango API, you can easily integrate a reward catalog and automate reward delivery. The most used API methods include posting accounts and funds, getting a verbose catalog, and posting orders.

This quick start guide is intended for our users to access all the information they need quickly and at one glance. For more detailed information, refer to our complete User Guide (Tango API-v2).

Get started

To get you started:

Set up Tango Account

To get started, you need an account with Tango to generate an API key. If you don't already have an account, create one here on our website. For more details, see our content: Set up a Tango Account.

Set up work environment

We provide you with a sandbox test account and a production account. Tango’s sandbox is a fully functional mirror of Tango’s production API with a notable exception that account funds, reward codes, etc. are not real. Our Sandbox allows you to test comprehensively and risk-free prior to production deployment.



Sandbox testing is not a replacement for production testing. Check out our Sandbox Test Console and get right to the code.

Secure your data with Tango API

All communication with the Tango API must be secured. For details, see Secure your data with Tango AP.

Determine your organization model and platform

Our API can support both enterprise structures with multiple reward budgets and simple structures involving just one account. We'll set up your platform and provide you with the access credentials. Once you have your credentials, you can use the API to create Customers and Accounts according to your desired platform configuration.
For reference, see Determine your organizational model.



To sign up for system alerts, upcoming maintenance, item outages, etc., or view current system status, visit our Status Page.

Use API functions

Tango offers the following API functions and endpoints. For more details, see the table below:

Manage customersTo get the list of customers (Groups), create a new customer, get details for a specific customer, get list of all accounts created for a customer, and create an account for a customer. GET {URI}/customers
POST {URI}/customers
GET {URI}/customers/{customerIdentifier}/accounts
POST {URI}/customers/{customerIdentifier}/accounts
GET {URI}/customers/{customerIdentifier}
Manage accountsTo get a list of accounts and the details for a specific account, such as balance, created on your platform.GET {URI}/accounts
GET {URI}/accounts/{identifier}
Fund your accountTo register credit cards for production and sandbox, receive email receipts, fund your account and get deposit details, unregister a credit card, and more.GET {URI}/creditCards
POST {URI}/creditCards
POST {URI}/creditCardUnregisters
POST {URI}/creditCardDeposits
GET {URI}/creditCards/{token}
GET {URI}/creditCardDeposits/{depositId}
Get credential typesGet a list of credential typesGET {URI}/credentialtypes
View catalogTo view the items in your catalog.GET {URI}/catalogs
Get brand categoriesTo filter a catalog by category.GET {URI}//brandCategories
Manage Choice ProductsTo view all or specific Choice Products or to get details for a specific one.GET {URI}/choiceProducts
GET {URI}/choiceProducts/{choiceProductUtid}/catalog
GET {URI}/choiceProducts/{utid}
Manage email templatesCalls pertaining to creating, viewing, updating and deleting email templates for reward delivery.GET {URI}/emailTemplates
POST {URI}/emailTemplates
GET {URI}/emailTemplates/{etid}
DELETE {URI}/emailTemplates/{etid}
PATCH {URI}/emailTemplates/{etid}
Get exchange ratesAdditionally, via Tango Card's API, you can find out the exchange rate for international rewards, or determine the health of the system. Exchange rates provides a list of exchange rates currently set in the Tango Card system. Can be used for calculating the cost of international rewards.GET {URI}/exchangerates
Manage ordersAn order is sending rewards to recipients. With Tango portal, orders can send multiple rewards to multiple recipients. Using the API, however, an order can only send one reward to one recipient. Order endpoints pertain to creating, viewing, and resending orders.GET {URI}/orders
POST {URI}/orders
POST {URI}/orders/{referenceOrderID}/resends
GET {URI}/orders/{referenceOrderID}
Manage line itemsOrders consist of one or more line items. Each line item represents a single gift card, reward, disbursement, or promotional linkGET {URI}/lineItems
GET {URI}/lineItems/{referenceLineItemId}
POST {URI}/lineItems/{referenceLineItemId}/resends

Suggested workflow

To help you get started, see Follow our suggested flow.

Ask for assistance

Email [email protected] and include the X-REQUEST-ID from the response header. If you have a Customer Success Manager, include them in the email as well.


Sensitive Information

Do not send us sensitive information such as platform credentials, reward credentials, code, etc. via email. We look up the necessary details using the X-REQUEST-ID. If needed, we will contact you for additional information.