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At Tango, the default currency for accounts are USD, but we also offer currency functionality in CAD, EUR, and GBP. If you would like to transact in a currency other than USD, reach out to one of our Technical Support specialists or email [email protected]. Once the change takes place, a confirmation will be sent to the requestor upon completion. Allow for one business day for the change to take place.



*Currency changes can only take place on an account that doesn’t have any transactions. If transactions have already occurred, a new account will have to be created reflecting the requested currency.

*Exchange rates are updated once per day, no later than +13:00 UTC.

Get a list of exchange rates

Use the following endpoint to get a list of exchange rates.

GET {URI}/exchangeratesGet a list of Exchange Rates.

Here is a list of query parameters to narrow down your search when you use GET {URI}/exchangerates. For example enter USD for your baseCurrency to return all exchange rates available for US dollar.

ParameterData TypeDescription
baseCurrencyarray of stringsReturns all exchange rates for a specific base currency. baseCurrency is optional; accept an array from 1 to N,
rewardCurrencyarray of stringsReturns all exchange rates for a specific reward currency. rewardCurrency is optional; accept an array from 1 to N.

The response message for this endpoint is:

  • 200 OK
  • 400 Bad Request
  • 401 Unauthorized
  • 403 Forbidden

The following response is presented using GET {URI}/exchangerates. It shows the exchange rate for when baseCurrency is selected USD and rewardCurrency is CAD:

  "disclaimer": "Exchange rates are provided here for reference. They are updated at least once a day and may have changed by time of order.",
  "exchangeRates": [
      "lastModifiedDate": "2023-08-28T12:00:39.558Z",
      "rewardCurrency": "CAD",
      "baseCurrency": "USD",
      "baseFx": 1.3599

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