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At Tango we also offer currency functionality in CAD, EUR, and GBP. When you are creating an account, you are able to set the currency you would like to transact in. For details on how to do so, see Manage Accounts.



*Currency changes can only take place on an account that doesn’t have any transactions. If transactions have already occurred, a new account will have to be created reflecting the requested currency.

*Exchange rates are updated once per day, starting at 12:00 UTC and no later than +13:00 UTC.

Get a list of exchange rates

Use the following endpoint to get a list of exchange rates.

GET {URI}/exchangeratesGet a list of Exchange Rates.

Here is a list of query parameters to narrow down your search when you use GET {URI}/exchangerates. For example enter USD for your baseCurrency to return all exchange rates available for US dollar.

ParameterData typeDescription
baseCurrencyarray of stringsReturns all exchange rates for a specific base currency. baseCurrency is optional; accept an array from 1 to N,
rewardCurrencyarray of stringsReturns all exchange rates for a specific reward currency. rewardCurrency is optional; accept an array from 1 to N.

The response message for this endpoint is:

  • 200 OK
  • 400 Bad Request
  • 401 Unauthorized
  • 403 Forbidden

The following response is presented using GET {URI}/exchangerates. It shows the exchange rate for when baseCurrency is selected USD and rewardCurrency is CAD:

  "disclaimer": "Exchange rates are provided here for reference. They are updated at least once a day and may have changed by time of order.",
  "exchangeRates": [
      "lastModifiedDate": "2023-08-28T12:00:39.558Z",
      "rewardCurrency": "CAD",
      "baseCurrency": "USD",
      "baseFx": 1.3599

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