Determine your platform organizational model

Our API can support both enterprise structures with multiple accounts, and simple structures involving just one. We set up your platform and provide you with the access credentials. Once you have your credentials, you can use the API to create Customers and Accounts according to your platform needs.

There are three levels we must define for every API integration:

  1. Platform: A Platform is the entity where the direct integration relationship with Tango is set up. Whether your organization is complex or simple, you have just one platform.

  2. Customer (Group): Customers (Groups) are an organizational level so you can group accounts together if applicable. If you have only one Account you only need to create one Group.

  3. Account: Accounts are where all funds are held and rewards orders are placed. You can determine whether or not you need multiple Accounts.



"Customers" are labeled as "Groups" in Tango. We are planning to update our API endpoints in our V3.0 release to rename "Customers" to 'Groups" and remove any confusion.

Platform configurations

  • If you have only one Account, create one Customer (Group) and name it the same name as your Account (for simplicity).
  • If you have multiple Accounts, you can group them under multiple Customers (Groups) based on your business model