Manage countries and currencies

Are you interested in filtering your catalog for your recipients based on country and currency? Let's assume you are offering your recipient in France an option to choose from 34 gift cards that can be used only in France, but in three different currencies. Instead of displaying all 34 gift cards side-by-side and confusing your recipients, you can group them by currency. Wondering what currency to display first as the default currency? Use the GET /rewardCountries endpoint to determine the preferred currency. In the above example, the endpoint would return Euros as the preferred currency for France.

You can also filter and get the reward country data such as the name of the country. For example, you can list the countries that include "united" in their name. Use the pagination feature to walk through the fill list. The search entry "united" is not case-sensitive.

Get a list of countries and their preferred currency

Use the GET {URI}/rewardCountries endpoint to get a list of countries and their preferred currency.

GET {URI}/rewardCountriesGet a list of countries in your catalog.

Use the following query parameters with GET {URI}/rewardCountries :

Query parameterData typeDescription
prevCursorstringThe cursor to use for the previous page of results.
nextCursorstringThe cursor to use for the next page of results.
maxResultsint32The maximum number of results to return. The default is 10, and the maximum is 200.
countriesstringComma-separated string of the countries to be queried.
preferredCurrenciesstringComma-separated string of the preferred currencies to be queried.

The following example response is returned when using the GET {URI}/rewardCountries:

  "prevCursor": null,
  "nextCursor": "MTI=",
  "prevPageAvailable": false,
  "nextPageAvailable": true,
  "maxResults": 10,
  "items": [
      "twoLetterCode": "US",
      "threeLetterCode": "USA",
      "countryName": "United States",
      "preferredCurrency": "USD"
      "twoLetterCode": "CA",
      "threeLetterCode": "CAN",
      "countryName": "Canada",
      "preferredCurrency": "CAD"
      "twoLetterCode": "MX",
      "threeLetterCode": "MEX",
      "countryName": "Mexico",
      "preferredCurrency": "MXN"
      "twoLetterCode": "BR",
      "threeLetterCode": "BRA",
      "countryName": "Brazil",
      "preferredCurrency": "BRL"
      "twoLetterCode": "AU",
      "threeLetterCode": "AUS",
      "countryName": "Australia",
      "preferredCurrency": "AUD"
      "twoLetterCode": "JP",
      "threeLetterCode": "JPN",
      "countryName": "Japan",
      "preferredCurrency": "JPY"
      "twoLetterCode": "FR",
      "threeLetterCode": "FRA",
      "countryName": "France",
      "preferredCurrency": "EUR"
      "twoLetterCode": "DE",
      "threeLetterCode": "DEU",
      "countryName": "Germany",
      "preferredCurrency": "EUR"
      "twoLetterCode": "IT",
      "threeLetterCode": "ITA",
      "countryName": "Italy",
      "preferredCurrency": "EUR"
      "twoLetterCode": "ES",
      "threeLetterCode": "ESP",
      "countryName": "Spain",
      "preferredCurrency": "EUR"
  "numberOfElements": 10

The response message for this endpoint is:

  • 200 OK
  • 400 Bad request