Change History

Documentation updates

12/22/2022Exposed the GET /credentialtypes endpoint on the Test Console
12/21/2022Added Line Items endpoints:
- GET /lineItems
- GET /lineItems/{referenceLineItemID}
- POST /lineItems/{referenceLineItemId}/resends
8/23/2021Added GET /catalogs endpoint filters for 'utid', 'brandKey', 'currencyCode' and 'country'
1/14/2021Added 'API Reference' to primary drop down
7/15/2019Added Glossary to Documentation
11/29/2018Removed non active cards from GET creditCards default response.
Now need to use "?showInactive=true" to see inactive cards.
11/1/2018Added Managing Email Templates section for new API endpoints.
8/6/2018Added note to clarify 4 digit security code require for Amex for test environment funding.
7/19/2018Added credentialType to improve reward credential parsing.
4/18/2018Added XSS & malicious behavior prevention note
4/12/2018Added SSL cert examples
4/6/2018Added email receipts information in Funding Operations section.
3/29/2018We now return the etid in the RaaS order response. If the customer doesn't have a custom template defined we will return our default template ID: E000000
3/29/2018Error responses now include an i18nKey which serves a unique error code to facilitate international translations.
2/28/2018Added clarification re. how Pending funding status works and availability of $5.55 and $6.55 test amounts in sandbox.
1/23/2018Update to reference "GROUP" in Rewards Genius is "CUSTOMER" in API