Welcome to Test Console

With our RESTful RaaS API you can integrate a global reward or incentive program into your platform.

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Once you are ready to receive your own credentials or ask questions, get in touch with your Tango representative or email us at [email protected]. You will be able to test out the API calls in this reference guide with your own credentials. This console works with our Sandbox environment.



If you don't yet have your own credentials and would like to start now, feel free to use our demo test credentials below. Enter the following username and password for each API function such as Customers, Accounts, Fund, etc. where it asks for authentication, and click Try It to see the response:

  • Username: QAPlatform2
  • Password: apYPfT6HNONpDRUj3CLGWYt7gvIHONpDRUYPfT6Hj

The old Test Console can still be used, but does not have the new endpoints released after September 2022.