API Functionality


  • The RaaS v2 API is a RESTful JSON API
  • Authentication is handled via HTTP Basic Auth

Primary Functions


Calls that allow you to view the items in your catalog, along with the details you will need for ordering items and displaying item information.

UTID: Unique Tango ID {{utid}} - the item being ordered (Gift Card/NPO Donation)

To test the GET /catalogs API call enter your Sandbox crentials or use the 'Quick Setup' in the following API Reference: Catalog Methods
  "brands": [
      "brandKey": "{{brandKey}}",
      "brandName": "{{brandName}}",
      "items": [
          "countries": [
          "credentialTypes": [
          "currencyCode": "{{currencyCode}}",
          "exchangeRateRule": "{{exchangeRateRule}}",
          "faceValue": 0,
          "isWholeAmountValueRequired": boolean,
          "maxValue": 0,
          "minValue": 0,
          "redemptionInstructions": "{{redemptionInstructions}}",
          "rewardName": "{{rewardName}}",
          "rewardType": "{{rewardType}}",
          "utid": "{{utid}}",
  "catalogName": "{{catalogName}}"

Catalog Endpoint Filters


Use Endpoint Filters to call details for specific items or groupings

Use the specific values from your GET /catalogs response

GET /catalogs?utid={{utid}}

  • return the details for a specific item (utid)

GET catalogs?brandKey={{brandKey}}

  • return all the items and details for a specific brand

GET catalogs?currencyCode=*{{currencyCode}}

  • return items of a specific currency

GET catalogs?country=((2-digit country code))

  • return items from a specific country; the value can be found in the 'countries' collection


Calls pertaining to the creation and viewing of Customers (Groups) on the platform. Includes details for all Customers and Accounts under a platform but does not include balance and contact information for the Accounts.

GET https://integration-api.tangocard.com/raas/v2/customers/{{customerIdentifier}}


Calls that allow you to get detailed information, such as balance, for the Accounts in your platform.


Calls pertaining to the registering, funding and un-registering of credit cards.


Calls pertaining to creating, viewing and resending orders.

Email Templates

Calls pertaining to creating, viewing, updating and deleting email templates for reward delivery.

Additional Functions

Exchange Rates

Provides a list of exchange rates currently set in the Tango Card system. Can be used for calculating the cost of international rewards.

Health Check

The '/pulse' endpoint is available to determine whether the system is healthy, confirmed by a 200 OK response.