Change history

The following table lists the documentation updates:

DateChangeTicket Number
4/8/2024Added a new endpoint to filter your catalog for your recipients based on country and currency. Use the GET /rewardCountries endpoint to determine the preferred currency.API-373
3/25/2024Added a new parameter to use with POST {URI}/orders/{referenceOrderID}/resends for when you are resending an order.
3/15/2024We have improved the results of GET {URI}/accounts by adding more query parameters.API-211
2/20/2024You are able to categorize each brand into industry-standard categories within the Tango catalog and group/filter the brand in your custom catalog display. See categoryIds.API-241
2/13/2024You can add up to five emails addresses to receive funding notification alerts using PATCH / {URI}/customers/{customerIdentifier}/accounts/{accountIdentifier} to create a patch.API-334
2/8/2024We have improved the results of GET {URI}/creditCards by adding optional query parameters under funding account.API-345
2/8/2024You can create a new account in any of the supported currencies: CAD, EUR, GBP, and USD using POST {URI}/customers/{customerIdentifier}/accounts endpoint and currencyCode.API-338
1/29/2024You are able to transfer funds from one account to another account of the same currency using GET {URI}/transferFunds.API-240
10/23/2023Added GET /webhooks/{webhookId}/events?fromRevision={fromRevision}&toRevision={toRevision}&maxResultsint32={maxResultsint32} to receive all past event notifications up to three months.
* This feature is available in limited release, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or [email protected] for more information.
10/17/2023Added POST /webhooks/{webhookId}/replay?fromRevision={fromRevision}&toRevision={toRevision} to redeliver past webhook event notifications up to Three months. Notifications older than three months are not retrievable.
* This feature is available in limited release, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or [email protected] for more information.
10/12/2023Added GET {URI}/choiceProducts/{choiceProductUtid}/catalog to get the content of a Tango Choice catalog. You must have access to the Catalog to see the content.API-293
10/12/2023You can get all available Choice Products in your Tango catalog using GET {URI}/choiceProducts to returns utid.API-294
10/12/2023Added GET {URI}/choiceProducts/{utid} to return the details for a specific Choice Product on your Tango platform.API-313
10/11/2023You can set a specific expiration date, such as 12/31/24, for a Promo Link at the time of order with Tango API instead of setting the expiration date as x days from the time of issuance. See the Promo Link acceptance criteria .API-320
10/7/2023Categories have a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID). You can filter a catalog by category using GET {URI}//brandCategories.API-306
10/5/2023You can order a Printed Reward Link using GET {URI}/lineItems when you Get a list of line items and GET {URI}/lineItems/{referenceLineItemID} when you Get details for a specific line item.API-305
9/28/2023You can modify the recipient address object to be included in all returning payloads of line items, as well as in any query parameters that can filter and search the recipient information.API-290
9/27/2023Added ptid to GET {URI}/ordersso you can get the list of Printed Reward Link orders.API-304
9/26/2023Added ptid to POST {URI}/orders so you can create Printed Reward Link orders.API-303
9/15/2023Added orderNotes GET {URI}/lineItems to see your order notes in both API and in the Tango portal line items history.API-295
9/15/2023Added purchaseOrderNumber to order and line items. You are now able to include a PO Number when creating an order.API-291
8/18/2023Added filters for one or more currencies when using the exchange rate endpoint.API-282
6/16/2023Added OAuth authentication.
5/1/2023Added query parameters to "Get a list of Orders" and added pagination to "Get a list of Accounts".
12/22/2022Exposed the GET /credentialtypes endpoint on the Test Console.
12/21/2022Added line items endpoints:
- GET {URI}/lineItems to get a list of line items in the platform.
- GET {URI}/lineItems/{referenceLineItemID}to get details for a specific line item.
- POST {URI}/lineItems/{referenceLineItemId}/resends to resend a specific line item.
8/23/2021Added GET /catalogs endpoint filters for utid, brandKey, currencyCode and country.
1/14/2021Added API Reference to primary drop down.
7/15/2019Added Glossary to the API documentation. (work in progress)
11/29/2018Removed non-active cards from GET creditCards default response. Must use "?showInactive=true" to see inactive cards.
11/1/2018Added Managing Email Templates for new API endpoints.
8/6/2018Added note to clarify 4 digit security code require for Amex for test environment funding.
7/19/2018Added credentialType to improve reward credential parsing.
4/18/2018Added XSS and malicious behavior prevention note.
4/12/2018Added SSL cert examples.
4/6/2018Added email receipts information in Funding.
3/29/2018Returned ETID in the API order response. Without a custom template defined, Tango default template ID: E000000 is returned.
3/29/2018Included i18nKey in error responses which serves as a unique error code to facilitate international translations.
2/28/2018Added clarification regarding how "Pending funding" status works.
Provided $5.55 and $6.55 test amounts in sandbox.
1/23/2018Updated: Group in Tango portal is calledCustomer in API.