Available Environments

Sandbox Environment


As mentioned in the Sample Workflow, Sandbox credentials are obtained from [email protected]. The Sandbox endpoint is https://integration-api.tangocard.com/raas/v2/


Tango Card’s sandbox is a fully functional mirror of Tango Card’s production API with the notable exception that any representation of value (account funds, reward codes, etc. are not real). Our Sandbox allows you to test comprehensively and risk-free prior to production deployment. Sandbox testing is not a replacement for production testing.


Tango Card’s Sandbox has historically operated over 99.9% uptime, though we do not have a published SLA.

Persistence of Data

Tango Card may choose to delete accounts or other information in the Sandbox environment at its discretion.


If you are encountering a problem in the sandbox environment aren’t sure whether it is due to your code or the RaaS API’s behavior, we recommend attempting the same operation on our test console.


When you have completed your development and are ready for production testing / launch, you can request production credentials.

Production Environment

Once you are ready to move to production, you need to agree to the RaaS API Terms & Conditions. Once you agree to the Terms & Conditions, we will create credentials on the Production environment and follow up with you. The endpoint for the production environment is https://api.tangocard.com/raas/v2/