Tango v2 API - Getting Started

This section will help you get started with our RaaS API.

The Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) API is a robust digital gift card API built to power rewards and incentives in today’s apps and platforms.

For an overview and introduction please review the sections:

  • API Functionality
  • Determine Your Organizational Model
  • Sample API Workflow.

You can check out our new Test Consol and get right to the code!

The old Test Console can still be used but does not have any new endpoints released after 09/2022.

For specific topics see sections:

  • Funding Operations
  • International Rewards
  • Managing Email Templates

For general Best Practices see sections:

  • Response Classes
  • Security & Authentication
  • Implementation Notes
  • Recommend Practice



To sign up for system alerts (upcoming maintenance, item outages, etc.), or view current system status, visit our status page: http://status.tangocard.com.

To sign up for ​Reward Alerts notifications for when items are affected in an incident or during maintenance, visit our Reward Status Page: ​​https://rewardstatus.tangocard.com.

To receive your own credentials or to ask questions, please contact us at [email protected].