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Delete PII information

When a customer deletes their account from our platform, we ensure compliance with country-specific laws by removing their personally identifiable information (PII) from our database. However, if we have previously shared this customer's information with your portal,We would prefer to erase their data from your system. Could you confirm if your APIs offer the capability to accommodate this? Typically, when placing orders on your website, we transmit customer details such as email, first name, and last name. Alternatively, we can get in touch via email, providing a list of customers whose data requires deletion.

Do we have a TangoCard.Raass library that supports .Net6.0 instaed ?

I am trying to access TangoCard.Raass library in .Net6 project but running into compatible issues as current TangoCard.Raass(1.3.0) does not support beyond .Net 4.8. Is there anyway I can access this library in .net6 project?

Want to change/add cors origin

I want to add the cors origin so I could access the apis from my local host environment. How to do it as I don't find any option to do it.

Is there a set of testing credit card details or testing credentials available for use with testing accounts?

Is there a set of testing credit card details or testing credentials available for use with testing accounts? I'm encountering an issue when attempting to add card details in Postman, and I received the following error { "timestamp": "2023-10-31T10:07:04.881855518Z", "requestId": "fd43a695-7b99-4c35-a383-5b44fd56726d", "path": "/raas/v2/creditCards", "httpCode": 401, "httpPhrase": "Unauthorized", "errors": [ { "code": 402051, "i18nKey": "402.051", "message": "There was an error authorizing the card. Please check your card details and try again. If you need assistance, please write to [email protected]." } ] } The 'creditCard' details I attempted to use were: { "expiration": "2025-12", "number": "1111-1111-1111", "verificationNumber": "111" }

wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <https://www.wowtot.com>

How to get categories for catalog brands?

Hi guys! In API response for "/raas/v2/catalogs" parameter "categories" always empty. API response for "/raas/v2/brandCategories" giving some identifiers, that we cant't connect with Brands, and these response do not give for as any human readable information. So, How we can get categories for brands? Can you help?

Difference between account and customer

Basically, I am creating a platform which is based on gaming on which customer can withdraw thier rewards. What will be the customer and what is the account in this platform ?