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Delete PII information

When a customer deletes their account from our platform, we ensure compliance with country-specific laws by removing their personally identifiable information (PII) from our database. However, if we have previously shared this customer's information with your portal,We would prefer to erase their data from your system. Could you confirm if your APIs offer the capability to accommodate this? Typically, when placing orders on your website, we transmit customer details such as email, first name, and last name. Alternatively, we can get in touch via email, providing a list of customers whose data requires deletion.

Get a list of exchange rates api can be quered?

Instead of getting all exchange rates i want to query exchange rate based on baseCurrency and rewardCurrency?. Is this possible?

View a list of orders that are marked as "Redeemed".

In the line item tab, there is a history tab were the status of the order can be seem (Sent to, processed, delivered, redeemed). I want to view a full list of orders that results for both orders that were Redeemed and orders that have yet to be Redeemed. Is there a way to view orders that have been sent, but not yet redeemed by the recipient?

Getting "Account or Customer Not Found or Inactive" error

sdk.createOrder({ recipient: {firstName: 'Munneb Dev', email: '[email protected]'}, sendEmail: true, utid: 'U935268', accountIdentifier: 'ACC12', amount: 10, customerIdentifier: 'uuid7' }) error: { "timestamp": "2023-07-13T11:26:59.699305396Z", "requestId": "fcdcab6c-dd2a-4a7e-88f4-bd5ea2b26320", "path": "/raas/v2/orders", "httpCode": 422, "httpPhrase": "Unprocessable Entity", "errors": [ { "code": 422001, "i18nKey": "404.089", "message": "Account or Customer Not Found or Inactive" } ] }

Is there any limit for creating customers

In my system, I am creating n number of customers, and I would like to maintain separate account for each customer. Each customer can have one account. Do we have any limit in creating customers?

Do we have a TangoCard.Raass library that supports .Net6.0 instaed ?

I am trying to access TangoCard.Raass library in .Net6 project but running into compatible issues as current TangoCard.Raass(1.3.0) does not support beyond .Net 4.8. Is there anyway I can access this library in .net6 project?

List of redeemed orders

Is there is any way that i can get the all orders list that customer already redeemed?

Reward API Percentage

Is there a way to programmatically return the percent reward that is applicable to each merchant via the catalog endpoint? We would love to sync our data-source to tango, so our local catalog is up-to-date

Do we necessary need to add funds or payment can be deducted directly using given credit card information

Once we entered the credit card information in the Tango platform, and that user place a new order on the Tango, then the entered amount will be deducted from the credit card or we have to add funds first then it will deduct from there while placing the order

Is it possible to include error codes / eGift statuses in the API payload?

By receiving this information on affected eGifts UTIDs (out of stock, misc. issue), we can deactivate affected eGift cards automatically in our catalog. Receiving this information via API will help prevent us from learning from our recipients when there's an issue with an eGift they're trying to redeem. Reward Status is a great resource but we would like to be as proactive as possible.